Join us this week for GENERAL BOOTY OF WORK broadcast HAVING A WEIRD TIME COMING HOME! The program is part of the exhibition EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, a collaboration
between Green is Gold and Neter Proyectos. There's loads of good stuff lined up, among other things we'll probably review the recent tentacle scenario at TOVES, SANS SOUCI and Pernille
Abd-El Dayems text for the occasion. Please joint us on www.generalbootyofwork.net, October 10, 20:00 Mexico City time and October 11, 03:00 Copenhagen time!

The exhibition CUCUMBER BONES and the piece CONTINENT-SHAPED NONSUCH was recently featured on PORTALEN PORTALEN.

Still working on publications for INGEN FRYGT and the symposium MAKING ROOM, please have patience. Till then there's a perky little interview with me on Kunstkritikk.

Lewis & Taggart of MOLAF have made a thirteenth installment in Amfissa, Greece in the group exhibition Failure featuring a postcard painting of HAVING NO SOUL. Super honored!