Thursday August 30 - SEPTEMBER 3 - - - I’m participating with contact lenses and two faux frescos(!)
With: A Kassen, Cudelice Brazelton, Dan Herschlein, Hannah Heilmann, Lindsay Lawson, Mathias & Mathias, Mélodie Mousset, Paul Kopkau, Peter Land, Steinar Haga Kristensen og Zoé de Soumagnat - - - - Curated by Blue Ruin = Danish curator Anna Frost and US/Polish artist Agnes Bolt. Spirit Chair is satellite event of Code Art Fair. The exhibition is hosted in an apartment for sale in the new BellaKvarter neighbourhood in walking distance from Bella Center Metro and Code Art Fair. Special appointments can be made by emailing hello@blue-ruin.blue
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@ EKKM in Tallin (which is just the best) closes on September 9, 2018, so there’s still a chance. It’s curated by Ekaterina Shcherbakova who was kind enough to let me space out and do an ongoing video transmission from a friends livingroom in which I did a proper fresco, not a faux one(!) More about that soon.
The show features: Johannes Büttner, Elisa Giardina Papa, Hannah Heilmann,Norma Jeane, Florence Jung, Helena Keskküla, Kiwa,Dominique Koch, Kaarel Kurismaa, Camille Laurelli,Psaiko, Eva Rank, Tabita Rezaire, Karl Saks, Dora Way
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@ SKOVSNOGEN is opening on September 8. I made a hero sized Laura Ashley Milky Mom dress, some Shadow Dad miniature ruins with more(!) frescos and planted Stepmother Flowers.
Motherload is curated by Anna Margrethe Pedersen and Ditte Soria, and you should not miss this , come see Sara Deraedt (BE), Hannah Heilmann (DK),Kristine Kemp (DK), Mathias Kryger (DK), Jonathan Meese (DE), Rasmus Myrup (DK), Saskia te Nicklin (AU), New Noveta (UK), Michala Paludan (DK), Anna Margrethe Pedersen (DK), Rasmus Røhling (DK), Emma Sheridan (UK), Ditte Soria (DK) og Lewis Teague Wright (UK) in the woods, and also adding Maria Hesselager, Liv Sejrbo Lidegaard og Pernille Zidore Nygaard, Margaret Atwood, Judy Chicago, Elfriede Jelinek, Birth of Venus in general, Reba Maybury, Le-Roy McDermott + critics, Maggie Nelson, Else Marie Pedersen and Amelie Von Wulffen. to the Motherload book. Skovsnogens P-Plads på Døvlingvej, 6933 Kibæk
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D7 is closing with a retrospective carefully curated by the one and only Melou Vanggard. I’m re-running ‘Mom and dad’s sexlife’ from 2017 <3
Featuring: Kaare Golles, Anne Haaning, E.B. Itso,Helene Garberg Bjarni Þór Pétursson, Melou Vanggaard, Annarosa Krøyer Holm, Julie Bitsch, Simon Grimm, Ole Vesterlund, Christian Finne, Amalie Smith, Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Jon Stahn, Agnete Bertram, Theis Wendt, Niels Bonde, Mads Lindberg, Tove Storch, Natalie Mégard, Finn Naur Petersen, Hannah Heilmann, Andreas Schlaegel, Manfred Peckl, Gallery of Young Hopefuls, Anna Bak, Rune Bosse, Rasmus Rosengaard, Tobias Kirstein , Ole Vesterlund, Claus Carstensen, Rikke Benborg, Sigrun Gudbranddottir, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Transcendens Dilletante, Sian Kristoffersen, Marie & Agnete, Dan Saug, Molly Haslund, Rose Eken, Anika Lori , Peter Bonde
Open by appointment with Melou untill September 21.
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MODEST FASHION @ Marselleria, Milano, November 21, a performance curated by Davide Savorani.

Also: I’ve become a member of Den Frie, Denmark’s oldest artist association,,,,,,,, http://denfrieudstilling.dk/ ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,